Normally Pirates and brigands take money away from people, not if they work on our 'Lucky Coins' campaign for Tesco, instead they gave them away.


One of the challenges for out-of-town retailers is always encouraging in-town customers to visit them. So our plan was simple two Promo UK specialist experiential teams per location, the first team in the town centre approaching customers, and the second team in the retailer ready to receive them.


The mechanic was fairly straight forward if not a little off the wall, the team in the town centre - dressed as Pirates (of course) - would distribute Tesco 'Lucky Coins' to potential customers. These potential customers would then take their 'Lucky Coins' to their nearest Tesco store where Brand Ambassadors from our second experiential team were on hand to exchange them for prizes, meaning every customer with a 'Lucky Coin' was a winner.