What's the best way to drive customer traffic to a store? Send them a prize envelope they cannot open? Well that's exactly what we helped Tesco to do, and the results were spectacular.


The Tesco 'Don't Open Me' campaign involved door dropping 10,000s of sealed envelopes to the catchment areas of Tesco stores. The envelopes carried a simple message 'Don't open me, for a chance to win'. Every envelope was a prize winning envelope, meaning every customer bringing an unopened envelope into their local Tesco store would win one of £90,000 of prizes being given away. Prizes ranged from money off coupons to an Audi A1.


With Promo UK Ltd. experiential teams instore to greet the customers as they came in, our Brand Ambassadors captured data from the high volumes of visitors for follow up activity as well as efficiently managed the delivery of all the prizes to visiting shoppers across the entire campaign.


The campaign ran for more than 20 weeks covering more than 60 stores, and with an average of 5,000 redemptions per store we were lucky enough to deliver a great brand experience to over 300,000 Tesco customers.