When a client asks us to get their product directly into the hands of their consumers, we always try to go that extra mile to ensure that any experiential activity that we do really delivers against the brief.


It was no different when we were asked to help put Starbucks Discoveries range in to the hands of young professionals nationwide who in Fashion and Media.


We know that this target audience, who lead busy demanding lives, are wedded to their desks - so what better way to get the product into their hands, then to take it to their desks in the morning.


Promo UK Ltd. were challenged with sourcing the specific  businesses in the three major cities that we could desk drop to and prearranging the visits; nationwide logistics and distribution of the chilled stock; and sourcing and managing the brand engagement teams to deliver the experience.


The activity involved distribution of the product with a coupon driving them to retail to purchase the product. Running over an eight week period we distributed over 32,000 units in offices in London, Manchester and Leeds.