Our brief was simple; bring the great taste and versatility of Spanish olive oil to the British public. Often see as the domain of Greece and Italy, we also needed to drive the virtues of Spanish Olive Oil over the rest of the products in the category, thereby driving consumption of Spanish Olive Oil and not just the category.


The only way we could really bring the great taste of Spanish Olive Oil to the nation, was to take it on the road. For almost two months our professional chef went on a culinary road trip from Taste of London to Taste of Edinburgh and whole range of destinations in between, including designated retailers and brand partners.


Meanwhile back at Promo UK HQ, we arranged the locations and logistics ensuring stock distribution was managed throughout the UK, as well as teams of Brand Ambassadors to meet and support our professional chef at each location to spread the word and great taste of Spanish Olive Oil.


The campaign was so successful Promo UK Ltd. was commisioned to run the event for three consecutive years capturing data of over 15,000 consumers and driving sales from the south coast of England to the east coast of Scotland.