Promo UK started out in early 2000 as a promotional staffing agency, since then it is our clients that have driven the expansion of our services.


So when the challenges of devising newer and more innovative brand engagements came knocking we responded by getting to know your consumers even better and providing even more strategic and creative solutions achieving greater cut-through then ever before.


As the staffing campaigns got bigger, we responded with nationwide logistics and event management capabilities to deliver national turn-key solutions that put over 500 brand ambassadors out in the field at any given time.


Most recently we added data analytics to the portfolio of services that not only enabled our clients to gather real-time campaign data, but when combined with our Strategic Planning function we are able to offer strategic advice from Brand Development to Shopper Marketing.


It is these demands, and our successful responses that have enabled us to expand our services beyond just a staffing agency, so when a new client tells us that they are 'demanding', we welcome it and look forward to expanding our offering even further.