The foundation of any successful campaign lays in its planning and preparation. At Promo UK we believe that the process of brand engagement is a cyclical one comprised of five phases, each informing and shaping the next. It is this understanding that enables us to grow and adapt to the changing needs and requirements of the consumers we engage, with the brands we work with.

For any campaign to be delivered effectively, it is critical that the people charged with its execution are informed and prepared in the most efficient way possible. We understand that for a brand to engage its consumers in the most effective and compelling way, the people that are charged with delivering that engagement are critical. At Promo UK we not only believe that all staff on a job, no matter how large or small, should be briefed effectively. We also believe that the team on the job should be experienced enough to understand and interpret a clients needs, and also adapt and adjust to circumstances as they develop.


Our team of Campaign Managers are always on hand to advise clients in the most effective and efficient manners of ensuring the brand engagement team is informed and prepared for any activity no matter how complex.

For campaigns where the mechanic of the activity is straight forward and can be communicated via a set of simple instructions, a written brief may be all that is required.

For more complex campaigns, or if you need to see how a team member presents themselves we hold webcam/VOIP briefings, or webinars for large nationwide briefings.

Some campaigns require complex or specialists demonstrations, something we are very much able to cater for. For these activities we can facilitate face-to-face briefings.

No matter how simple or complex a campaign is all of our brand engagement teams are required to successfully complete an online confirmation test that ensures they are prepared for the activity to come.


This ensures that all staff fully understand the information and activity that they need to execute to ensure that your consumers brand experience not only meets, but exceeds your expectations for success.

At Promo UK we pride ourselves in not only delivering and executing campaigns that deliver exceptional brand experiences, but also in ensuring the results from a campaign deliver against your objectives. Furthermore as a campaign unfolds unforeseen opportunities or challenges may present themselves, and being able to react and adapt to these situations helps us to ensure that your campaigns deliver over and above your expectations.


So whether it is knowing exactly when and where your team have arrived in the field, or having up to date as it happens data on a campaign we are able to build live dynamic reporting that is tailored to your needs into any brand engagement campaign.

From the minute the teams arrive in the field they are gathering data. Data that can influence the success of the campaign whether it is the conditions of the event the reaction of the consumers, or just piece of mind in knowing that the event is live and happening.

From the field teams we are able to gather data through a web-based portal meaning that whether it is a phone a tablet or a desktop we can gather field data from anywhere in the world, so you can know exactly what is happening and when.

Our centralised data reporting function is able to aggregate field data in to dynamic reports that you can access online at any time of day or night.


All you need to do is tell us what you want to know, and we will prepare a report that gives you the information you need when you need it.