Having a LOL took on a whole new meaning when we were asked to help launch Heinz new drink brand 'LOL'.


LOL was a new product launched by Heinz targetting tweens to teens with a great tasting carbonated drink that went towards one of their 5 a day.


Our task was to provide an experiential team that was comprised of young dynamic Brand Ambassadors that were full of energy - just like the product! Then to travel to key events in the UK where we could engage with the target audience including 'Party in the Park', 'JLS', 'T4', 'Paddle Round The Pier', 'Rock-ness' to name a few.


Having assembled a road crew of Event Managers and drivers to take the activity on the road, we put together teams of local Brand Ambassadors to liaise with the road crew when they arrived at each of the locations.


Once they arrived we established a fixed promotion site with a 'LOL Ball Pit' for added consumer engagement, while our bold Brand Ambassadors donned their LOL Jet Packs to go mobile sampling amongst the crowds.


When the dust settled Heinz reported this as one of their most successful launches ever.