How many cheerleaders can you fit into a Dodge Calibre? Don't know? Neither did we until Dodge got in touch and asked us to help them find out.


Promo UK Ltd. were asked to put together a troop of some very glamorous and adventurous cheerleaders as an innovative and engaging way to demonstrate the space in a Dodge Calibre.


The first part of the brief was to put together our team of brave cheerleaders, and of course a scientist to preside over this very important experiment.


The second part was to take our team to a studio in London and film our troop of bold cheerleaders contorting and squeezing into a bright red Dodge Calibre.


The event was captured on video and stills to be used for PR and demonstration videos to promote the Dodge Calibre across at Motor Shows and retailers.


Furthermore an interactive video was produced that gave consumers the opportunity to win prizes by guessing the correct number of Cheerleaders that would fit into the Dodge Calibre.