Anchor butter is one of Arla's flagship brands, but with the growing availability of own brand products and competitor brands Anchor ran the risk of becoming a commodity, with consumer preference coming from price alone.


To counteract this it was critical for Anchor to highlight its unique points of difference from other brands and products on the market, as well as drive loyalty with consumers encouraging repeat and habitual purchase behaviour.


The activity involved sampling the product to consumers nationwide and rewarding customers who purchased the product with a free 100% cotton reusable shopping bag. The second element of the campaign was to distribute the unique 'Make a Moo' loyalty cards, encouraging customers to buy the product again.


The campaign spanned a 9 week period and over 180 major supermarkets nationwide, each one being attended by two brand ambassadors and an event manager who constructed the display units and ran the activity.


Over the 9 week period the teams distributed over 1000 loyalty cards and 300 GWPs per day per location, which totalled over 300,000 loyalty cards and 45,000 GWPs over the whole campaign.